About Us


My name is Cathryn and in a nut shell, I am here to teach you how to monetize and grow your online business or blog.

In 2017, I launched Diamond Mine Marketing as a resourceful training site to help you and other’s achieve online success.

I’ve been messing about online for over 10 years now. I first started my affiliate marketing journey back when Amazon sold nothing other than books. And that’s basically where it began. I hooked a couple of books to my husband’s blog and expected the money to come rolling in. But guess what, it didn’t. But that didn’t matter. What mattered, was the fact I was hooked to the thought of making money (and lots of it) online.

Since then my efforts have been focussed on Affiliate marketing. Doing it the right way!

Today, I have a healthy mix of recurring, two tiers, and one-off high-ticket schemes within two very different verticals. And, if this is something that interest you I can show you how I craft my very own funnels with other people’s products. If this isn’t for you, then there is still a stack of resources that you can apply to any online business.

So Why do I stick to Affiliate Marketing?

Well because, I thoroughly enjoy the business side; and a business is what it is. It shouldn’t be taken lightly. You can literally learn something new every day. I don’t’ have to chase prospects like a Network marketer or even worry about my ‘Attraction’ marketing campaign every minute of the day. For me it’s one of the most passive forms of online income. Now don’t get me wrong, there are hours of upfront work required. But, when finally, all pieces are in place the money will start coming in. And, if you have a mix of re-curing or two-tier scheme’s that work for your niche then you can make money from anywhere and get longevity from your initial time investment. There is no trading your time for a fixed salary. The sky is the limit; all whilst enjoying what is truly important to you.


What's important to me?


I am fortunate enough to have an absolutely gorgeous family and thanks to the power of the internet I have been able to retire from corporate life. I'm extremely lucky to be able to spend as much time as I wish with my nearest and dearest. My dream is to see them have an abundant lifestyle and to share that with them. No time pressures (other than school) and no financial worries. This was brought home to me in a big way in 2016. When at 8 months’ out of the blue my daughter needed lifesaving heart surgery. I saw at first hand the struggle’s many families faced both juggling time and finances whilst caring for a very sick child. From that point onwards the importance of carving my own lifestyle was a key focus for me. Thankfully my daughter is now a totally normal little girl with a baby brother and we are living life to the full. It is my dream to be able to sponsor a room in the onsite ‘hotel like’ facility that is provided by the sick Children’s trust and to support the heart unit.

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